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Prof Nicola Kayes
The intersection between health psychology and rehabilitation, challenging conventional rehabilitation practice through the development of innovative strategies to engaging in rehabilitation. Key research interests include an exploration of factors influencing engagement in rehabilitation (including the role that health professionals play), the development of innovative strategies for facilitating engagement for people with chronic disabling conditions, and the development of outcome measures responsive to the needs of people engaging in the rehabilitation process.

Prof Valery Feigin
Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury prevention, epidemiology and treatment/rehabilitation; neuroepidemiology

Prof Denise Taylor
Neurological rehabilitation and health of older adults, research and implementation work based on ideas of population health to improve the health of large populations of people including the importance of economic evaluations alongside clinical trials.


Dr Rita Krishnamurthi
Stroke epidemiology, stroke and NCD prevention, health promotion in high risk communities, dementia epidemiology, and prevention