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New Zealand’s population is ageing, with a rapidly increasing number of people with memory problems, some of whom develop Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) or a related dementia. AD progressively affects thinking abilities, producing severe difficulties that affect functioning in everyday life and eventually lead to, loss of independence. There are considerable health care needs, and it places significant physical and emotional strains on individuals and whanau.

Brain Research New Zealand is conducting a large-scale research study over a long period of time, into factors that influence the development and progression of memory problems in New Zealanders.

In our national network of Dementia Prevention Research Clinics we are investigating a wide range of factors including things we can measure from clinical assessment, brain scans, measures of memory and thinking abilities, blood samples, and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, mental stimulation and social interactions.

Our aim is to identify factors that influence the development of Alzheimer’s disease.  Finding out what factors influence the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease means that we can develop and test interventions to delay the disease or prevent its onset. We are looking for participants with memory problems or who have Mild Cognitive Impairment. Our three Dementia Prevention Research Clinics are located in Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch.

What is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is a condition that affects memory and thinking abilities (e.g. planning, word-finding, organising). Everyday tasks are not affected (e.g. work-related tasks, household tasks, driving). MCI is not in itself a disease. Some people with MCI go on to develop Alzheimer’s disease (a type of dementia), but not all people with MCI do. We want to find out why.

Click here to find out more about Mild Cognitive impairment.

Would you like to join our study?

Over the next two years we hope to recruit 400 volunteers with Mild Cognitive Impairment to participate in our study. If you are interested in enrolling in the DPRC, please have a look at our inclusion criteria below. You can also speak to your GP, specialist, or contact your nearest DPRC team directly.

You may be eligible to participate if:

  • You are aged over 55;
  • You or others have noticed memory problems;
  • You are fluent in English; and
  • You are not living in long-term care

Unfortunately you will NOT be eligible to participate if you have:

  • Been diagnosed with dementia
  • A history of significant alcohol and/or substance use
  • Experienced a moderate to severe brain injury
  • A pacemaker
  • A significant neurological condition (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, stroke, epilepsy, brain tumour)

Participation in our Dementia Prevention Research Clinics is voluntary and for research purposes only. Participation is also free, and will not affect your usual medical care.

For more information on what to expect if you join our study please click here.

We thank you for your interest in our research project!


Find us:

The University of Auckland
Grafton Campus, Building 507
22-30 Park Ave, Grafton
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142

Email us: 

Give us a call:

09 923 6579


Find us:

Christchurch Dementia Prevention Research Clinic
New Zealand Brain Research Institute
66 Stewart Street
Christchurch 8011

Email us:

Give us a call:

03 378 6348


Find us:

Dunedin Dementia Prevention Research Clinic
Department of Medicine
University of Otago
Level 9, Dunedin Hospital Building
Great King Street, Dunedin

Email us:

Give us a call:

03 470 9989 (Thursdays)

NB. For Clinic appointments – please report to Level 2, Dunedin Hospital Building