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New Zealand has among the highest rates of employees aged over 55 years of all OECD countries. In fact, in 2014 22% of workers in New Zealand were aged 55 years or over and by 2020, the government predicts this will reach a staggering 25%.

With such large numbers of mature adults staying in employment, it is more important than ever for employers to help their teams stay productive and maintain cognitive vitality at work.

With over seventy of New Zealand’s best neuroscientists to draw from, BRNZ has the knowledge and expertise to offer training and resources that:

  • Explain the neuroscience issues that relate to an ageing workforce e.g. normal age-related memory changes, indicators and risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease and reversible causes of memory problems
  • Give practical advice about what you can do to help your staff maintain, and even improve their brain health
  • Help your team achieve higher levels of productivity

And while some may think that its mature employees who stand to benefit most, our researchers will be quick to explain why everyone can benefit from learning about how to maintain brain health.

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