Dementia Prevention Research Clinics celebrate International Nurses Day

On 12 May 2021, people across the globe celebrated International Nurses Day.

For this occasion and as part of a series of virtual visits organised by the International Association of Clinical Research Nurses, Jane Govender, our Clinic Manager and Clinical Research Nurse, prepared a virtual visit to our Dementia Prevention Research Clinics. 

Jane takes us on a journey to meet the research nurses working in our Dementia Prevention Research Clinics in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin, and hear about their pathways, the work they do and what motivates them.  You will also meet the people who work and interact with them on a daily basis, and hear how the research nurses' work impacts on them. And finally, Jane will take you on a little tour through our Auckland Dementia Prevention Research Clinic. 

Please join us in celebrating our nurses by watching our video!

Use the chapters at the bottom of the video to jump to the next interviewee. The following people were interviewed in the video:

0:00 - Intro, including karakia and waiata by the School of Nursing, the University of Auckland
5:07 - A/Prof Lynette Tippett, Director of the Dementia Prevention Research Clinics
22:05 - Dr Julia Slark, Head of School of Nursing, the University of Auckland
35:53 - Jane Govender, Clinic Manager and Clinical Research Nurse
49:15 - Debra McNamara, Clinical Research Nurse
1:08:08 - Virtual Tour of the Auckland Dementia Prevention Research Clinic
1:24:15 - Dr Anne Horne, Clinical Research Fellow
1:25:37 - Lydia Velzian, Research Assistant
1:31:36 - Graeme and Jay Newton, Participant and Study Partner
1:44:28 - Dr Kiri Brickell, Neurologist 1:51:53 - Leon Griner, Research Technician
1:53:22 - Dr Christina Ilse, Clinical Neuropsychologist
1:55:50 - Dr Catherine Morgan, Research Fellow, Senior Physicist
2:04:29 - Mia DiCostanzo, Summer Student
2:15:20 - Fay Hall, Clinical Research Nurse
2:27:20 - Marie Goulden, Research Co-ordinator
2:39:57 - Amanda-Rose Sesio, Summer Scholar
2:50:12 - Janet Digby, Project Manager
3:00:02 - Sir Richard Faull, Director of the Centre for Brain Research
3:11:19 - Outro, including waiata and karakia by the School of Nursing, the University of Auckland

Cover photo: The Research Nurses at the Dementia Prevention Research Clinics. Clockwise from top left: Debra McNamara (Clinical Research Nurse in Dunedin), Marie Goulden (Research Co-ordinator in Christchurch), Fay Hall (Clinical Research Nurse in Auckland), Jane Govender (Clinic Manager and Clinical Research Nurse in Auckland).

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