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Professor Valery Feigin’s Globally Endorsed Stroke Prevention App


The Stroke Riskometer is a free mobile app that enables people to assess their risk of a stroke in the next 5-10 years. The app’s creator, Professor Valery Feigin of BRNZ, is a stroke neuroepidemiologist who saw mobile technology as the perfect means to get information about stroke out to the public. “Mobile has enormous outreach and is the future of personal medicine,” Valery said, “stroke causes 10% of all deaths. The only solution to this global problem is prevention on a global scale.” Intervention can only work if people have access to the information.

The app involves a simple interactive quiz that covers topics as broad as medical risk factors, diet, physical inactivity, alcohol and stress. This information is analysed to calculate a percentage likelihood of stroke within a five to ten year period. Results are then compared to those of an individual of the same age who expresses no risk factors. If your risk is higher than someone of the same age with no risk factors you have a head start in addressing those risks before anything happens.

A recent update to the app allows users to submit their information to a massive international research project called the RIBURST study. With input from healthcare experts over 30 countries, and an ever growing pool of participants, the study has been heralded as the largest international health collaboration ever undertaken. The global study is estimated to significantly contribute to the reduction of the global stroke epidemic, saving millions of lives and billions of dollars in the process.

It’s never too early or too late to know where your health stands. Try the app on Apple Store: and Google Play:

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